What's The Catch?...
By GrownJayJay
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A fire that needs it's fuel, a bull that doesn't chase after red, the devil that lost its touch. April Catch lost the only thing that kept her alive, and left her with a woman that fuels off of her fear. April wasn't always like this, no, she used to be the most fearsome girl you could ever meet. But the wind that passed by also took her father's soul with it, and with his soul was April's heart. She felt alone, like no one could fix her, she felt like a puzzle with all of the wrong pieces. But every puzzle can be solved, but who was the one to do it? He's rude, he's mean, and he sure as hell doesn't care. His actions affect others more than he thinks, his words sink deeper into their skin, and his presence makes everyone cower in fear; but April keeps her head down so much she doesn't notice. Curiosity killed the cat, but he took the cat out of the bag. His sudden interest in April takes a rough turn and he's not afraid to crash. Will Axel somehow bring April back to life? Could April let him into her heart? Will she break down her walls or build them up even higher? Is Axel really willing to dive deep into April's waters just to pull her treasure to the surface? Two teens means double trouble, but which one is more of the delinquent?

1 - Whore

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What's Th...
by GrownJayJay