Lost (A Naruto Stor...
By am27ber
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Kagome has been living for a long time, but still have a body of someone in her early twenties. From being friends with Madara and Harshirama to having to watch them disappear from her life. All her loved one had passed away, causing her to alone in the cruel shinobi world. She had watched too many wars breaking out and many shinobi died fighting. All she wanted was some peace and quiet, but it seems like fate prevents her from having that. That's how she met Naruto and the rest of team 7. Maybe they could help find her internal peace. Naruto does not belong to me and rightfully belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. The cover picture of the girl is not mine either. Cover art by @fiirefly_

Chapter 1

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Lost (A N...
by am27ber