His Pomegranate Que...
By BlueRose_712
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Book 1 of The Timeless Tales Series A mighty God he was -a King of dead souls, a Lord of Darkness. Feared by many for his endless power, he ruled the Underworld with an iron but just fist. His soul was cold, his heart dead -yet, the feeling of emptiness wouldn't leave the tortured God alone. When he gazed at her for the first time, he knew the Fates had given to him a blessing. She managed to bloom like a majestic flower in his empty heart so effortlessly, seeding herself deep into his being for the rest of their eternity. She was a maiden of flowers that transformed into His Pomegranate Queen. However, the Moirai do not only give but also take, leaving immense sadness and hopelessness behind them. Because just like seasons, nothing lasts forever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright © 2019 by BlueRose_712. A retelling of the Greek myth of Hades & Persephone - Cover drawing belongs to yliade.art - Featured in "Worlds Apart", on the official Romance profile of Wattpad. -Featured in "Historical Fantasy", on the official Historical Romance profile of Wattpad. -Featured in "The Olympians: Greek Mythology", on the official Myths and Legends profile of Wattpad. -Featured in "Historical Fanfiction & Alternate Universes", on the official HistoricalFiction profile of Wattpad.


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His Pomeg...
by BlueRose_712