Olivia Tames Terror
By k_alan_leitch
  • Short Story
  • adventure
  • comedy
  • dancing
  • dread
  • fear
  • funny
  • greece
  • gymnastics
  • mythology
  • sarcasm
  • sarcastic
  • terror


In this prequel to the novel series, "Olivia Tames the Legends," teenage Livi's latest detention brings her head-to-head with two advance scouts from Olympus, who even claim to be gods from the Ancient Greek kingdom. The strangers seem to take turns terrifying Livi and her friends. Phobos can scare narcissistic Queen Bee Siobhan and egotistical power-nerd Steve, but only Deimos can get under the skin of Elsie, the school's golden girl and honor-roll mainstay. When the pair begin to prey on the fears of the teaching staff, it takes someone equally frightening to lead the resistance against them. It takes a sarcastic dancer like Livi to disobey her principal. But how will Livi convince her serial pest, the obedient Kent Hwang, that he is their only hope against terror? And how will a mysterious janitor ruin Livi's plans to attend a dance academy with a full-blown incursion from Mount Olympus? Follow the team into Livi's debut novel, "Olivia Tames Olympus." All characters, settings and situations are registered by the author, K. Alan Leitch, for U.S. Copyright. "Olivia Tames Olympus" is represented by Aevitas Creative Management. Contact Rick Richter.

Olivia Tames Terror

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Olivia Ta...
by k_alan_leitch