We Were Meant To Be...
By NoxPastels
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Here are some Trigger-Warnings about my chapters: Talks of suicide, Death, Cussing, Talks of self-harm, Gay couples, Thoughts of depression, etc I got this idea mainly because of my friend... But also I wanted to split these one-shots from my other book because... yeah...Hope you like it. (Most chapters are of Willow's side of the story) Some of the chapters talk about some experiences I've went through or I expect will happen sometime in my life. Some chapters are based from songs and others are stuff that I have major inspiration for me to write. WillowBark is the shipname of two OCs. One is entirely mine and the other is one that I helped create ps- you know I'm not sorry for the angst. i ain't in the best mindset when I write angst- I can't write good angst... Mainly because I'm cringy af... Sorry..

Spilling Info (Not A Chapter)

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We Were M...
by NoxPastels