Smile, Billie [ a b...
By DulcetDaydream
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Accidentally posting your amazing cover to YouTube may just be the greatest accident you've ever done. You get to be known... All. Around. The world. You go to several interviews, and people notice how you are the exact opposite of fellow singer - Billie Eilish. You're practically the girliest girl to ever exist, and you LOVE to smile. And you're probably straight. Probably... That is until you get to know Billie a little more deeper. You see how she rarely smiles, and you wonder why. You two seem to get closer to each other, and people notice how you get Billie Eilish to smile a little bit more. Smile, Billie. • • • Hi. If you're HOMOPHOBIC and hate GIRL X GIRL, please GET OUT right now. Thank you! Hi guys! Thank you for giving my story a shot 💚 I just wanna tell you all that I want my stories to develop SLOWLY. I HATE rushing my stories. No. Just, no. So, if you HATE SLOW-PACED STORIES (that means if you're impatient, and you want them to KISS right in the FIRST CHAPTER) I suggest you not to read this. AGAIN, THIS IS A SLOW-PACED STORY, THANK YOU! Anyway, if you're cool with all that above, then enjoy! Happy reading! 💚✨ • • • 💫 r a n k i n g s : 💫 #1 in billieeilish #1 in girlxgirl #1 in lesbian #1 in singing #1 in eilish • • • 🌻 STARTED: June 3, 2019


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Smile, Bi...
by DulcetDaydream