Irondad and Spiders...
By NerdyPilliePal
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Basically what the title says, just some of the adventures of Ironman being a dad and also some random adventures with the avengers ;) Also to my friends who have me here, welcome to my nerdy side. You chose to deal with me so haha ;)))) THE COVER WAS MADE BY @starwolf_moon SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! - My requests are temporarily closed until further notice! - don't be ghosts I want to hear what you think about my stories. - the characters are obviously not mine - there are going to be mentions of bullying, anxiety, torture, blood, vulgar language that cap may not approve of, and maybe a tad bit of angst although I'm not good at it. If you have a problem with any of these DO NOT PROCEED! I care about you all and I want you to get help when you need it! - most importantly... enjoy!


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Irondad a...
by NerdyPilliePal