Once in a lifetime...
By scarlet_bloom9
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Scarlet is an 18 year old girl who just starts working at a music shop,where Gerard Way, a depressed 20 year old boy goes every day to check out music there. Scarlet tries to get to know him, but it won't be easy job. Anyways, she won't give up on trying to be friends with Gerard. What Scarlet doesn't know is that something's waiting for her... Will there be a story between Scarlet and Gerard? Or will they still be complete strangers as in the very begining? Read to find out and give it a try! :) Author's note: I promise this is not as the other Gerard Way fanfics where one of them just saves the other and they end up falling in love and that's all. Anyways please give it a try! Love xx

Chapter 1

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Once in a...
by scarlet_bloom9