Repurposed : The D...
By penworlds
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Following a post-apocalyptic world of blacksmiths: They believe all survivors of a seemingly worldwide war have started anew, using resources they're left with to evolve & create an advanced world all over again. But after Clyde, Carolina, Abner, Aaron, Emery & Victoria lose their village & much more in an intentional fire started by a rival village, they have to start over for a second time. Loss brings sorrow, tension & kept secrets for the group of blacksmiths. As Victoria is left with amnesia, her two best friends, Clyde & Emery, have helped her regain missing memories. Well, most of them. Two years after the loss of their home, the blacksmiths begin to notice strange & alarming occurrences. When their path to the castle is blocked off due to an attack on the town, the group decides to take up their weapons & take matters in their own hands. With Carolina missing, along with a young girl from an village of allies, Clyde leads the group to hunt down the mechanical creature who took the girls. Joining forces with twins, Fletcher & Yvonne, from Grosvenor, the group overcomes dangerous obstacles & even rising conflict within their circle. On their risky quest, they meet their true enemy, the man behind these machines; Dross. But their quest to save their world takes a dramatic twist as secrets within the group are revealed upon the introduction of the villainous man named Dross. Seams begin to tear at the friends, but they fortunately learn to tame the rifts between them for the sake of the world. If another war is forced onto them, this may just be the last & TRUE end of the world. 〝 Remember, you're a man; not a machine. . . 〞


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