Sinfully Delicious
By BksbyBkr
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Ferya, a human baker in post-apocalyptic Earth, is pulled into a game of universal consequences when she agrees to a deal with Lucifer. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic Earth, reclaimed by a shaky peace between Lucifer and the angelic Council of Twelve. Where they once ruled and consumed the world unchecked, humanity has now been relegated to second class citizenship, when they aren't acting as food supply for the kin. In a world that contains demons, vampires, fae, and all other creatures that go bump in the night, Ferya is a human who bakes the meanest treats in town. When Lucifer offers her a deal that most people would not refuse, Ferya changes the game on the fallen one. Ferya's choice unknowingly starts a chain of events that changes her life and the fate of the universe beyond the machinations of the prince of darkness himself. In an eternal battle between light and dark, can a sweet treat and a cup of Joe make a difference? Book One of the Devil's Deal Trilogy. Sinfully Delicious is a Wattpad Editor's Choice Featured book! (Dec 2019) Trigger Warning: Violence, Blood and Language. *** Note: The primary genre of this story is not romance, but there are romance elements into it. I believe in equal representation and inclusion, which means there will be a variety of relationships in this series. Each relationship will develop differently, as in real life. But there is no Explicit content in this story. ***

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