Sinfully Delicious
By BksbyBkr
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Book One of the Devil's Deal Trilogy. Welcome to Earth, post apocalypse after the council of twelve angels, their hunters of the light, along with the fallen one and his kin, reclaimed it from the humans. Humanity has been relegated to slavery, food stock or second class citizenship. In a world that contains demons, vampires, fae, angels and all other creatures that go bump in the night (and light) Ferya is a human who bakes the meanest treat in town. Good and Bad aren't the same as Day and Night, Dark and Light. The adventure that results in an innocent attempt at a peace offering involves love, pain, betrayal, age old legends and new realizations of just what it means to let go of your biases and build a world you can be safe in. Sinfully Delicious is a Wattpad Editor's Choice Featured book! (Dec 2019) Are your dystopian / post apocalyptic heroes tired, and in need of a break? Bring them down to Praetoria, where they can enjoy the finest bakery and java in all the realms, hosted by Lucifer himself. Are your buns sticky from the heat of the post apocalyptic hellscape? Come inside and cool off with air conditioning and the finest sticky buns in all the land. #stickybunsforpeace. (thanks to WhiskeyJaneDoe for this quote) Cover by @whiskeyjanedoe (Cause she's amazing!) *** Note: The primary genre of this story is not romance, but there are romance elements into it. I believe in equal representation, which means there will be a variety of relationships in this series, from MxW, WxW, MxM. Each relationship will develop differently, as in real life. But there is no Explicit content in this story. *** **Note #2: This Book has been revised from its original version. There will be differences in details between it and the original copy. These details will also be different from those of the currently unedited sequels (Angels, Demons, Donuts & Pixie Tea & Demonic Delights and Holy Cupcakes).**

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