Requisite Love
By damantimurmu
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Love can burn, Love can heal. Yes, love can turn the table of fate. Love can be conveyed in many different ways. Say it between lovers(everyone thinks about this example first from mentioning this very word love), mother to her child, father to his child or between brothers and sisters. It brings us great pleasure. But if it doesn't come from the one we desired the most or someone else have that particular love you craved. A strong emotion build up for that person... like everyone know,.. HATE and JEALOUSY. REQUISITE LOVE ... In other words NEEDED LOVE... This story conveyed the love of Riona to her elder sister Kenna and Prince Gale needed. Kenna being elder got lots of responsibility. She felt insecure of her parent's love, when her younger brother born, but that didn't last as her brother died early. Her insecurities increased again when her little sister born named Riona. Followed by how easily Riona being loved by people around her. Prince Gale was the eldest son of King Albert of a small kingdom Searlatro. From very beginning their Knight of night demolishing the minions of The Demon Witch of the Pain. He fell in love with Kenna and later Riona. Riona has always wished for everyone's good. She loved her sister more than anyone. She was charmed by the Prince before Kenna even met him. But withdraw her feeling as she saw Kenna also have a feeling for Prince. Love is being tested for Riona, until her end.

1. The Meeting

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by damantimurmu