Fear, Sugar, Lust...
By GiGiShipsIt
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-What will Hoseok and Jin give in to, in order to be free?- Started: 31/08/19 Contains SMUT 🔞 Jung Hoseok, a broke college student gets kidnapped the same night Doctor Kim Seokjin also gets kidnapped. This because of a huge misunderstanding. Coincidence is, they're both made captives of very powerful, wealthy and influential men. Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon are both CEOs of two different companies that are linked by a partnership deal. These two are friends and are both involved in the Mafia business, unbeknownst to the outside world. What happens when these powerful men end up with handsome and innocent prisoners? ----- #PowerBottomHoseok (Only in this fanfic. He's a top in my other fanfics). ----- Ended: 28/09/19 #Yoonseok #Namjin #Vkook #Jikook

Fear, Sugar, Lust

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Fear, Sug...
by GiGiShipsIt