The Orc Warrior and...
By feeguc
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Please check out my new orc mm fantasy, The Orc and His Horse Boy! It promised to be even better than my last two! Ian had always been large, thick. He couldn't think of a time when his belly didn't puff out or his chest didn't resemble soft breasts. But that didn't really matter. He was a scholar and one of the best engineers in the kingdom. Relations between orcs and humans have always been frail and negotiations for peace between the two species call for Ian. When He is asked to advise the neighboring orcs for a year and a day, he is unable to refuse his King and journey with the orcs. Galek is the Warrior orc assigned to keep him alive. As he gets to know Ian he realizes he wants something lasting and permanent with the human. For which he will have to consult the counsel, setting him of a course of intimate discovery. Ian's world is forever changed on this journey as warrior and scholar, Orc and human, muscled and soft come to know one another.


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The Orc W...
by feeguc