Académie Beat
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CLICK VIDEO INTRODUCTION ON CHAPTER 1 ; THE REST OF MV IN THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS. No matter how many singing competitions he joins, despite having a good voice, Monfort never wins. As soon as college starts, he meets DJ, the former 'piranha' bully, who refuses to get out of his comfort zone. Then came along a new school transferee, Raoul, who used to be a bully; then, later learns to change his character and outlook toward friends, and on love. The charming and cool guy, Alex, for some reason, hates the I.G. group. Monfort hopes to become the Next Generation FPOP Idol, so he convinces his newfound friends to form an all male group to compete in the Search for The New FPOP Superstars competition. As the competition nears, each of them faces unexpected turn of events and exclusive revelations with an all female 'bitchy' group, Incredible Girls, or better known as I.G. Will these affect their journey toward their dreams, or would it be toward disbandment? Catch the story of the eight leads episode per episode until the competition begins... And ends. _________________________ ***This is an original work*** I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING COMPLIMENTS EMAILED TO ME BY AVID READERS. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR KIND WORDS AND HOW THEY LIKE THE STORIES GOT A CRUSH ON YOU AND ACADEMIE BEAT; TO ALL OF YOU, YOU JUST DON'T KNOW HOW YOU HAVE MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH! THANK YOU! _________________________


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