Fight Left In Me ✔
By JohannekevanderSteen
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Jo runs from her abusive boyfriend in The Netherlands and ends up on Venice Beach. She eventually finds love, in various ways and finds her own strength and self worth. But there are a few hurdles to take and as life should be, it's not easy. ⋆⋅✭⋅⋆ He pushed the blade of the knife against her cheek, while yelling at her that she was a whore and that she was his, until it started bleeding. ⋆⋅✭⋅⋆ How stupid can you be to fly out to a foreign country and a place where you don't know a single person? ⋆⋅✭⋅ ⋆⋅✭⋅ ⋆⋅✭⋅⋆ This story is rated Mature, because Jo has been abused and talks about it. There are also some sex scenes. They are not very explicit though. [amazing cover made by Demiijada_writes]

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Fight Lef...
by JohannekevanderSteen