The Big Four: Conve...
By BookishNerdHero
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Jack St. North was just an ordinary Sophomore High student from Dreamer Haven's, Dreamworks Academy...sort of. He was more of a loner really; orphaned, invisible, living in-between sardonic pranks and the usual teenage angst when you basically have nobody and nothing. All his life he figured if you can't beat what fate has in store for you, then you may as well learn to live with it. Things, of course, changed when a little boy knocked on his door with a big brown storybook in his hand and told him that he was actually from another world where fairy tales are real and dreams come true and that he, Jack, was actually one of the legendary Big Four.Naturally, he didn't believe it. The boy, Jamie, tells him that he needed to reunite with the Big Four, Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup, in order to break the curse that Pitch Black placed upon their real world. Only with the four united could they stand a chance in solving the curse's threat. And based on Jamie's story Jack was sure he meant his nerdy world history classmate and two other girls he'd just met from Disney High. (Cover by my cousin, the former Tumblr user Hapeeredink)


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The Big F...
by BookishNerdHero