Secret Love Song
By whocaresaj
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"I wish that we could be like that." Jeon Jungkook was known to be a busy idol by day, doing photoshoots, interviews, and attending sold out concerts to meet his fans. Park Chaeyoung was nowhere different, loving almost the stressful lifestyle of a superstar while making sure to avoid traumatising issues along the thorny road of the industry. But is that really all for the young idols' life? Unveil the secrets of what lies behind their charismatic performances and find awkwardness and love in the next few pages. Be ready meet the Jeon Jungkook and Park Chaeyoung you were just blinded to see. a rosekook fanfiction. © WhoCaresAj 2019 Disclaimer: I neither own the characters nor the places in this book. All I take credit for are their qualities, traits, and the plot itself. Therefore any similarities and connections my story might have with others is purely coincidental or pure inspiration. Let us respect each others creations and learn to value them as individuals themselves.


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Secret Lo...
by whocaresaj