Urban Divinity
By jawncuffies
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He slowly backs up until his back is against the wall like my own, "Your.. my neighbor?" He points to my door and I nod my head quickly. He hums softly, "You been here a while?" He asks and I nod my head once again. He chuckles, "Ya head hurt?" I nod again but stop as he laughs softly, "I-I mean.. no.. it doesn't." My cheeks burn red as I look at my shoes, "I-It doesn't hurt.." I repeat like a dummy and listen to him sigh softly, "So do you actually live there or was it bull?" He nods to my door and I play with my fingers, "Yeah.. I do.." I play with one of my curls gently and feel his eyes watch my fingers. "You live with your boyfriend or do you like sweatshirts that reach your knees?" He teased, making a giggle slip past my lips. I look away to the floor again, "I-I like big shirts... a lot." I mumble softly and he nods his head, "Hol' up." He puts his box down before walking over to one of the grey bins. I nosily watch as he pulls out a big grey sweatshirt, "Here." He holds it out for me to take and I stare at him with wide eyes, "F-For me?" I hesitantly grab the soft fabric as he chuckles, "Nah for ya mom." I puff my cheeks a little and give him a small glare, "Hush." He leans back against the wall and shakes his head, "It's cold out. You should put it on." ____________________________ She was a shy girl from the city with no spine and a list of problems so long that it could touch the floor and roll off her shoes. Though troublesome, she never truly minded because despite her fears, she was a smart little thing and worked around it. But like many of us, it kept her trapped in a tight little box. The fear of pain, insecurities, and endless thoughts her back from the life she dreamt of. Acceptance of her life felt impossible.. Until she met him. He was everything she could pray for and more. Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, and caring. Perhaps she could peek out her little box.. just this once?

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Urban Div...
by jawncuffies