Moving Forward
By WindInYourSail
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Katherine Morgan leaves her emotionally abusive husband and moves from Atlanta to New York after visiting Amanda, her former college roommate. A Barba/original female character fic. Amanda Rollins is her best friend. Nick and Amanda are something. Starts during season sixteen after Carisi joins... Eventual Rollins and Carisi I will reference episodes if I pull from them, and I will deviate from the show at times. Update: I have the ending of this one mapped out which means it should get updated fairly regularly (this doesn't mean I won't get blocked from time to time, some chapters won't take longer than others, or that I won't get distracted by other stories... though I am currently intentionally neglecting some.) I have mixed emotions when it comes to ending this story... I'm excited for what I have planned, but I'm also not ready to let them go yet... which will both speed up and slow down the writing process. ***There will be 65 or 66 chapters depending on how they work out.*** This story is posted by me on AO3 as well. *I'm using screen grabs and other images from The Path because they lend themselves nicely to this story. Also images from SVU... obviously.

Chapter One

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Moving Fo...
by WindInYourSail