Our differences
By pplneedtosmile
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This is going to be my very first actual story so don't have very high hopes or expectations This is a story about klance and their journey to love. I don't have the story planned out it's just kinda a trial and error. I don't have a posting schedule I upload as I go. I'll try to upload frequently but I get bored easily. There will be fluff smut and angst, I can try to warn you before the smut but here's your warning. Can't promise anything. I very well know that starting a story when the show has ended and most of the fandom has moved on isn't the best idea, but this is my way of moving on, by writing them a happy ending. ⚠️I DONT CLAIM OR OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS⚠️ ⚠️I DO EXCEPT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO I APPRECIATE HAVING SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CORRECTED⚠️ Thank you. And I hope you enjoy the story

Chapter one: last day

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Our diffe...
by pplneedtosmile