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"He died for you all. That's how important you guys are." !! PLEASE READ THE FIRST BOOK 'GENOCIDE' BEFORE YOU READ THIS !! They thought that escaping meant starting over. Living a new life of freedom. But they were wrong. Nine boys had done the impossible by escaping the hospital. But behind those electrified barriers waited something more, igniting something that had been burned out years ago: hope. A hope so strong people were willing to put their lives at risk for them. The government wanted none of it, hunting them down until they were sure they were all slaughtered. But as the boys venture farther across the lands of Tartarus, it soon becomes difficult to tell who to trust. People whom they have never met before offer then help, and the growing pressure of outrunning the government unexpectedly takes a toll on their minds. Can they even trust each other? Furthermore, they find new discoveries that they never thought they would... even uncovering things among themselves that had been concealed for their whole lives. Updates: Monday + Friday GMT+1 // BST File One: Closed File Two: Closed File Three: DAMAGED File Four: Seungmin_K File Five: Changbin_S File Six: Minho_L File Seven: LoCKed File Eight: LOcKEd File Nine: LoCkED

「 Seungmin 」

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