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(Y/N) (L/N). The outcast. The "ghost kid". The only person who could actually see a ghost. His name was Ethan. The ghost was always by (y/n)'s side. One day (y/n) see's a man carrying a box inside of the empty house beside him. With his mom forcing him to meet the new neighbors, he meets Benjamin Lawman. The two become best friends along with Jeff. As the three boys, (y/n) and Ben, were playing video games Ben got a text and announced Ben had to go to the lake with his dad. (Y/N) couldn't go because he had detention. ______ "WHAT?!" I scream. "I-I'm sorry. I was putting on my swimsuit a-and the next thing I know Ben was g-gone!" His father sobbed. I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I shed I few tears. I felt Ethan draw circles on my back. Ben was dead. He had drowned in the lake. ______ When Jeff kills his family and becomes wanted it leaves you alone. You didn't know what to do. One day while you walk through the woods, you come across the rake. Scared for your life, you run. You find an old abandoned mansion. You ran into it, hoping to be safe from the monster. What you didn't know was that you ran into a killer infested mansion. You're the seme/top in this.

~Chapter 1~

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My Little...
by Lucifers_Gentleman