A Creature Inherita...
By skull_keep3r_
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I don't own Harry Potter, it belongs to JK Rowling and the pictures aren't mine either, they all belong to their rightful owners. Description: Harry Potter goes into a creature inheritance that he never knew about. The truth come out and families reunite. Harry has always knew pain from others and himself, either physical or mental. when Harry finds out the truth he finds happiness. what will Harry find out? who will he trust? this is my first ever story so I apologise in advance and would always like feedback in the comments. maybe I will do some oneshots on other pairings in a different story. the pairings can be from Harry Potter or avengers or from other things if I know them. I can do smutty and LGBT as well I have no limits. ⚠️mature content, there will be: ⚠️ abuse/torture intense smut fowl language attempt rape ⚠️if you can't handle it, this story is not for you ⚠️

"home" ch 1

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A Creatur...
by skull_keep3r_