It's Simply Blue (O...
By NathanielLeyva
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David Sellars is an architect who created the beautiful centerpiece at Cher Maxwell Park in honor of his deceased wife. The piece itself immediately attracted a lot of attention and brought in hundreds of tourists to the small town of Donatella. After all the praise his work has received from the piece, many aspiring architects begged to work alongside him. To fill the void his son, Miles Sellars, otherwise known as, Milo, left; David decided to take in a lucky college student for the summer to be taken under his wing. On the first day of June, Gael Maynard, the lucky college student, knocked at the door to the Sellars residence but instead of being greeted by the pleasantry of David himself, he was greeted with a door slammed to his face by none other than his son, who was already familiar with the lucky college student's face. What was predicted to be the worst summer of Milo's life, turned out to be the blueprint to build the relationship he has always been missing.

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It's Simp...
by NathanielLeyva