Taming Leighton
By shayxxlove
  • Romance
  • badboy
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  • dark
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Leighton Jones' past is something she works hard to keep buried. Boys and alcohol help keep the dark memories at bay and she likes it that way. When she is caught in a rather compromising position with a teacher, Leighton is kicked out of school and forced to go to a school in the worst part of town. There she meets Elijah Garza, a member of the most notorious gang in their town, The Blood Brothers. Eli sees right through Leighton's bad girl exterior and this scares Leighton. She wants nothing to do with Eli, yet finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. As Leighton and Elijah find themselves falling more and more for each other, they realize they have no choice but to face the demons in their past if they ever want to make it work.

Author's Note

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Taming Le...
by shayxxlove