Finding Eclipse | K...
By StarsNeverLanding
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Over thousands of years it's been said that the night and day would never collide. They were told stories from a young age that they should never meet, they were told unearthly things that caused fear in night about the day, and day to fear the night in return. It was truly the one thing that they shared, aside from equal responsibility in watching over the sky, ensuring their isolation. The more the night and day grew in their isolated knowledge, the less their emotions drove them. But once they would try seeing what it looked like on the other side of the void that kept them separate, their powers would be shaken; facts twisting in this reality that formed the physical world. Darkness would despise everything the Day was, and light fearing everything that Night had to offer. That was the curse would befall upon two opposites that kept each other balanced. The void assured that balance. But within these separate worlds their guardians tried to keep them, knowledge could come crashing down when one might realize that the other existed, and try to make a change unfold. - ❝"The world is ending" didn't seem so literal until then. Normally it was a lie because the world was fine. But that was it. Eternal darkness. That was how the world was going to end. That was the way the world was going to end. That was the way the world was going to end. That was it. No more do overs.❞ - World Count: 20K Published: May 27, 2019 ©StarsNeverLanding on Wattpad

when the world didn't end

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Finding E...
by StarsNeverLanding