Seeds of Myth (A Wa...
By MiloNelakho
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A collection of fantasy tales from some of the richest worlds on Wattpad. Within, find the untold vignettes of legendary figures, and the stories that shaped them into changemakers, folk heroes, and even gods. Be they gifted children, disenfranchised heirs, or primordial bodies, each began as a seed that took root, then grew to throw its shade over some part of the world. SEEDS OF MYTH has contributions from writers that seek to showcase the diversity of Wattpad's talent. From traditionally published authors and veteran Star Wars writers, to Wattpad Stars, Watty winners, and Ambassadors, to yet unearthed talent destined to explode. A huge thank you to the talented @italychick for designing the cover and giving this crazy venture such a fine face.

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Seeds of...
by MiloNelakho