Chemical Reaction (...
By depressed_fox7
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Mark Fischbach is the well known 'gay boy' at school. Most people don't even know his real name. His parents were accepting of him, and very overprotective, so when he constantly came home with bruises and cuts, he blamed it on gym class. Twelfth grade gym class can be rough, 18 year old's are aggressive! This was no gym class however, it was the most feared kid in twelfth grade, also known as the hottest kid in twelfth grade, Sean Mcloughlin, who goes by Jack. Most bullies have goons, but Jack didn't need any. He could beat up anyone without help. Mark constantly avoids Jack at all costs, but when his mom forces him to enroll in an extra science class, with Jack in it, that becomes impossible. It becomes even more impossible when classmates start shipping them, pushing them towards each other every opportunity they get. THIS HAS UNCENSORED SWEAR WORDS AND SMUT. I DON'T OWN THE COVER FANART. COMPLETED ON 7/03/19 Highest Ranking: (updated on 2/21/20) septiplier - #1 markiplier - #1 mcloughlin- #2 labpartners - #2 fischbach - #4 science - #49 jacksepticeye - #65


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