The Secrets of Conf...
By SVTSwrites
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • adopted
  • confession
  • criminal
  • diversity
  • father-daughter
  • justice
  • lies
  • murder
  • mystery
  • newadult
  • secrets


16 years ago, tragedy and betrayal befell upon the Patel family, taking a toll on many of those around them. It particularly affected Ashmita, who will never forget that day for as long as she'll live. Now, years later, Ashmita puts her current knowledge of the case aside completely. All her biases, knowledge, opinions are thrown in the garbage, leaving her to investigate the case with a blank canvas for a mind. This time, the paints used to create the portrait of the situation generate a brand new painting. This time, with new features and complex aspects that only the most skilled can decode. One determined girl, two different views, three people affected, and an endless number of suspects. Added to @crime 's reading list called "Like a Woman." New chapters every Sunday till marked completed! Highest rankings: #6 in #justice #115 in #murder #9 in #confession #83 in #lies #45 in #adopted #30 in #criminal #206 in #secrets #61 in #diversity #232 in #newadult

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The Secre...
by SVTSwrites