The Power Academy
By Pastel_Babydoll
  • Romance
  • abuse
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  • competition
  • domineering
  • dorm
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  • lovetriangle
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  • school
  • smutish
  • struggle
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  • suspense
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  • unlimitedpride


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, Kayla certainly will be. After graduating high school, she decided to take an alternative path to college, and attend the "Power Academy." There, she will learn about her fetishes to her hearts content, if that's the voice she chooses to follow. Many a student have drowned in the pleasures of their desire and have come out better for it. The only question is, will Kayla? I have been on this website for years and have never once read a story that fully satisfied me. either it was amazing and was never updated, too rushed, or too slow. I am going to try to do my best at making this as entertaining and juicy as humanly possible for you kinky little lovers like myself.

Chapter 1- Registration

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The Power...
by Pastel_Babydoll