Intergallactic Witn...
By DrewJes
  • Science Fiction
  • alien
  • crime
  • cyborg
  • missionary
  • police
  • robot
  • sci-fi
  • ship
  • space
  • syndicate
  • ái


In space, you still have your rights... Alicia Ivy, the AI affectionately named by Orion- her creator, captain, and chief- watches over the small INGERPOL (Intergalactic Criminal Police Organization) as they carry out their mission to preserve justice in the New Earth colonies of the solar system and keep the peace with the neo-humans who made it to space ahead of them. An Earthian, a Martian, and a colonist walk into a bar... And form the team Alicia Ivy loves, if AIs could love. But no matter what she may or may not feel, things go from quasar to black hole when they take a missionary and his recovering cyborg son into protective custody. Someone wants them dead, along with any who stand in their way. It only stands to wonder whether those who want the witnesses dead are the syndicate that raised Captain Orion, the half-Venetian bounty hunter that seems to know their every move, or something much darker and much less humanoid that doesn't want a first contact. It's all an AI can do. Beautiful updated cover by @Avadel! Includes artwork by @CannibalisticNecro and @-Krystalite- #1 in Missionary

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by DrewJes