Against the Odds (A...
By __Purple_Fluffball__
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For the Crossmare anniversary uwu This is a hunger games Undertale crossover because I'm starting to run out of original ideas. --- "I-I dreamed it was m-me... M-My name was p-pulled out." "I know, I know..." He whispered, pressing the smaller's face into his chest. "But it's not real. Your name will only be in there once, they're not going to pick you." "B-But if th-they d--" "They won't Chara, they won't." He closed his eyes, gently rocking his brother in his arms. He could remember having horrible nightmares the day before the Reaping. It happened to everyone. Fear could do just about anything to someone."It won't be you, I promise." "You can't promise s-something like that..." He mumbled weakly. "Watch me." He smiled softly, pressing a kiss against Chara's forehead. The smaller tried to return the smile, but couldn't. "A-And what if you're the one picked?" Cross shook his head softly, rubbing his back. "I wont be Chara, I won't be." "Promise?" He whispered, looking up at him with watering eyes. He nodded, gently wiping the tears away with his thumbs. "I promise it won't be either of us, okay?" "You never break a promise..." "Exactly." --- uwu Cover Credit: Pea_Neko on Pintrest.


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Against t...
by __Purple_Fluffball__