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By tomboyhijabi
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depression has become a wild fire spreading around and causing havoc in the society (metaphorically) not a communicable disease per se, the thing is people are committing suicide today because of depression, the orphan, the neglected, the poor,the abused and the one in a disastrous relationship that causes nothing but harm to the heart,LOVE. not only that but also PTSD,bipolar disorder,psychosis,drug and alcohol,but depression is the main cause of suicide People have decided that suicide is the answer to everything,Killing oneself won't end everything,talk to someone about your problems, tell them how you feel,be open and express yourself to the ones you love,you have friends for a reason and if you can not talk to your own friend,you don't feel comfortable telling them worried they might judge or laugh at you then try talking to someone you're not close to,I know I know "why should I tell my problems to a stranger" sometimes stranger are more trustworthy than a friend, they'll get to know you,understand and help you and thus learn how to treat you without stroking the depression cord,the stranger will later on become a friend you've never imagined yes!I'm speaking from experience and it worked out a great deal for me I just want to lend an ear a helping hand to does who need it,you're not alone,you have families and friends and suicide is never the solution!!!

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sad motiv...
by tomboyhijabi