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🌹Augusta, Western Australia 🌹 Alexander (Alex) Volkov,19, was born into the rich world and always got what he wanted. No one ever said no to him. He wasn't exactly a jerk but wasn't afraid to put you in your place if you stepped out of line. He was rather hard to resist with his brownish black hair, impressive body, and bright green blue eyes. Annastasia (Pronounced Aw-na) Fedorov,17, was always showered with riches and items she would never need. She grew up sheltered from the evil in the world and innocent. She is respectful and polite and very forgiving. Men would worship the ground she walked on with her long black hair, Bright happy green eyes, and skinny body with perfectly rounded curves. The epitome of innocence. Alexander met her during a formal ball-like party when he was 16 and she was 14 and ever since then, began his Obsession with the only thing he wanted in life, his Rose. Excerpt~ "You're not ever gonna leave me are you Anna?" I said while pulling her impossibly closer and sitting on one of the chairs causing her to sit on my lap with her legs across mine. "No, I would never leave you." She responded with sincerity. "Good, because I would never let you." Mature for a reason! Age preference 16+ Began~ July 23rd 2019 Ended~ July 20th 2020 #5 Lucky / 10/17/19

Warnings! Must Read!

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