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"H-Harry please!" I cried, my hand's placed protectively in front of my face. His eye's darkened, and he grabbed my wrist's, pinning them against the wall. His breath rolled over my face, the faint scent of alcohol rolling up my nose. "Shut up." He growled. His short nail's dug into my arm and I winced in pain. He released me, and grabbed a handful of my hair instead. I shrieked in pain as he threw me to the ground. Tear's pricked my eye's and I squeezed my eye's shut. "Get up." He said. I opened my eye's, and scrambled to my feet quickly. He grabbed the front of my shirt to pull me closer, leaning down to my level. His eye's burned straight through mine. Chill's went down my spine and I bit my bottom lip out of fear. "How many times do I have to tell you? You. Are. Mine." -------------------------- Where Harry has Schizophrenia and the voice keep encouraging him to hit Louis. What will happen? Will Harry break down Louis completely or Will Louis stand against Harry and defend himself?


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by RM_Jiminyougotnojams