The Vape God (Onc-2...
By sharadhamanju
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Okay, let's admit it. 'Supes' get their powers in questionably weird ways -getting bitten by a radioactive spidey, getting struck by a lightening bolt or falling into an acid vat, consumed by an alien symbiote? Well, not as weird as our hero though. Because our so called supe got his powers when he (hold your breath) VAPED! Kevin Cormack is his real name. But he attributes his existence to his alter ego named - The Vape God. Nylla Vanstone (Nylla-Vanilla as Kevin likes to call her) is a plain Jane. She is officially sister-zoned in Pinewoods High school. Not because she's Kevin's sister, but because she's Kevin's little sister's best friend. However, things turned upside down when Kaycee Cormack, Kevin's sister, mysteriously disappeared a year ago. With a lone mom loosing her mind over Kaycee's disappearance, Kevin got into smoking weed and other weird stuff. And that's when the real story began. Pg-13 / UA Open novella contest -2020 Qualified to enter round -2 Prompt - GF #7


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The Vape...
by sharadhamanju