Werewolf Brothers
By oluna15
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Identical * Sons of an alpha * Haters of each other Nathan and Ethan are identical werewolf twins, but despises each other till the extent of fighting and bleeding. One may wonder why? As we all know hatred at times begins with love. Nathan and Ethan use to love each other, even after the death of Annabel their mother. But one day they came to know Richard Williams, their father, a werewolf, the alpha of the largest and most powerful pack in Wisconsin. Ethan shove his brother aside just for Richard's love. Nathan on the other side made enemy of his brother, even after years of separation the flame of hatred still burn in them. Ethan wants Richard's love for himself, Nathan want to earn Richard's respect and become power! Will they remember old memories and forget their differences? Or fight till they obtain and satisfy their selfish interests? READ TO FIND OUT !

Chapter 1

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by oluna15