Field of War: The U...
By Discord_Legion
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • alien
  • future
  • military
  • sci-fi
  • sciencefiction
  • space
  • war


Years ago, he entered cyrogenic sleep along with every single human on earth to let earth goes into full terraforming to restore what is now a battered lump of rock without the ability to support lliving being. Yet he's suddenly awoken with warning sent by unkown from deep space about a race that want to destroy earth and is coming as he read the warning. Now he had to choose to neglect the threat and risk letting every single human wiped out along with earth if the threat is real, or risk losing if not half, but the entire population trying to protect themselves from any threat that will coming after the warning message. Follow Carl Maureen and his journey through path full of determination, nerve-wrecking experience, desperation, and table turning odds on what earth has never seen for millennia. Warning! I'm still not sure to rate this mature, however the story contains words that you would make some of you feels uncomfortable. Heck, it just to give feeling for the story. Readers you had been warned!

Part 1: Quarrels

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Field of...
by Discord_Legion