Bring Light Into My...
By Hannah_that1fangirl
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Moving from Sydney, Australia to Seoul, Korea isn't easy to adjust to. Especially when you need to perfect a brand new language, attend a new school, and try to blend into a culture you're not used to. Lee Felix is tasked with all of this, and yet he doesn't let it get to him. After all he's always been able to find the light in any situation. However for Changbin it's different. He felt all that ever came to him was darkness, so he chose to try to interact with people as little as possible. Not because he was unfriendly, but simply because he was cautious and admirably... afraid. What happens when Felix decided to take interest in the well known loner at school? How will changbin's life change with the new addition to his world? Will he continue to lie low in the shadows forever, or can a simple foreign boy from Australia Bring Some Light Into his Darkness?

Part 1

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Bring Lig...
by Hannah_that1fangirl