First Love | Miguel...
By Kl4uss
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Twenty-three years ago, Miguel Galindo and Luciana Oceteva were childhood sweethearts. They silently loved each other from the sidelines through their early teens before Miguel finally confessed, accidentally, how he felt for Luciana. The seventeen and eighteen year olds began a relationship the summer break before Luciana's senior year. They hid it from Luciana's protective brother and their best friend, Nestor, for months and they were truly happy. However, what happens with Miguel's father forces him onto an airplane to America to begin his training for the family business? Miguel doesn't even get the chance to tell the love of his life goodbye. Miguel Galindo and Luciana Oceteva never spoke to each other ever again after that day twenty-three ago until Luciana's brother calls her when Miguel's son is kidnapped. What happens with the ex- childhood sweethearts see each other again? Is there still love or is there only hate?


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First Lov...
by Kl4uss