Un-Noticed (ON HOLD)
By lillyw2
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Mathew Stravinsky: The hot kid whose dad is rich and mom is ravishing. Who is strong and his deep dark brown stare could send chivers down your spine. Who only speaks to his only friend and is feared and loved by all. Rebeccah Steers: A poor girl who lives in a home with 2 other sisters and a little brother. She is the cute pink headed nerd that hides her face either in her phone or a book. She isnt popular or super unpopular. A couple of her friends are popular but that doesnt make her popular at all. She wants a normal life and she is in love with Mathew Stravinsky the boy who seemed to not have a soul. The two are different but the same all together. How will this end? Will Mathew ever love Rebeccah the way she loves him? (DISCLAIMER: All my books are put in the same universe as my other storys. (XO, The girl I dont deserve etc.) You may or may not see them. who knows? I might throw in a battle between Johnny Hayes and Aaron Chant in the super market....(maybe;))


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by lillyw2