Waves (KiriBakuDeku)
By lyzard_fan_fics
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•Rankings• #1 in kiribakudeku #3 in pro ~KiriBakuDeku~ ~It comes and goes in waves It always does, it always does We watch as our young hearts fade Into the flood, into the flood~ Izuku Midoriya was a pro hero. Not just any pro, but the number one pro hero. He had worked his butt of to get where he was today, and he was darn proud of himself. This Midoriya is a little different then the one you are all used to. This Midoriya didn't grow up with Bakugou. The explosive blonde moved away a few years after he developed his quirk and Midoriya never saw him again. Well, until he runs into him an a smiley red head in a park on night. They all end up getting along really well and exchange numbers, planning on meeting up. Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima are masked villains. They gave up on heroes a long time ago. They're pretty content with each other and the League of Villains. They never officially started dating, but they've just always been there for each other. Being villains allows their love life to be very flexible. So when they meet an oblivious, green haired, goof ball, it was only natural for them to just accept it. The only problem? He's the number one pro hero. And they kind of fight each other every other week. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh my gosh I'm so sorry that my discriptions are always so terrible! I can never convey the plot correctly with how small these things have to be. Just trust me and give the book a try? Pwease?

Chapter 1

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Waves (Ki...
by lyzard_fan_fics