Under the Radar
By technicallyironman
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Mia Summers was average. She wasn't popular, but she wasn't a nobody. She wasn't a straight A' student, but she didn't have failing grades either. Sure, she had a past. A horrifying past. But she was normal, and completely under the radar. Daniel Storm was well known. Teachers hated him, some students feared him, others hated him, and a few adored him. He was known for disrupting class, school fights, and other stupid reasons. Daniel was the classic "bad boy". He looked the part, and acted the part. Daniel was an egotistical, arrogant, cocky, jerk; but he was also protective of the ones he cared for. To say he was on the radar was an understatement. In his mind, he owned the radar.

Stuck Doors and Run In's

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Under the...
by technicallyironman