Aliens Pet
By JaybellProductions
  • Fantasy
  • alien
  • bond
  • care
  • docile
  • dominant
  • fluffy
  • grey
  • humanpet
  • juvenile
  • love
  • pet
  • submissive
  • timid
  • trust


Sometimes when you go to a new country and you see all these strange customs you are taken by surprise. That is the same with the Griyo species, they have far different customs, where sex isn't just a way to reproduce or have fun, its a way to prove dominance and control over others, though of course they have their limits to what is acceptable. Mathew was alone when the aliens took him, to be sold as a pet, a custom of these aliens is to dominate anything they own, there is no need for romance or sexual love, just some aliens to feel in control. Mathew isn't the most handsome of boys, with black hair and grey eyes, has a baby face and in the eyes of the aliens he's an adorable little pet.

Stolen and sold

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Aliens Pet
by JaybellProductions