In The Dark
By AuthorXan
  • Teen Fiction
  • fraud
  • gangs
  • heir
  • hitlist
  • hitman
  • illegal
  • jin
  • kidnapping
  • kimseokjin
  • lies
  • mafia
  • money
  • murder
  • one-sided
  • possessive
  • psycho
  • revenge
  • romance
  • roommate
  • threats
  • trama


Ren Chapelle and Ryder Jackson are long time high school friends. They had always been best friends and Ren trusted that both of them would not fall in love. Their mistake was building their trust on an unstable friendship. Every single promise Ryder made came crumbling down from existence. He was trapped, unwillingly, in a one-sided relationship. He gave Ren presents and acted as her personal bodyguard, promising it was to celebrate their friendship, so that when the time came, she would see how loving and protecting he was. Things take a sharp turn for the worse when Ryder's "psychopath" awakes one night for good. He doesn't realize what he has gotten himself into. He claims he doesn't want to wait any longer and Ren can't handle it. She runs to her boyfriend in hopes of finding comfort in him and his crazier than mental patients at an asylum friends. She never knew what her boyfriend really did. All she knew was that he worked odd jobs they were doing great. She didn't think that one day he would decide that they would take an unplanned trip to Las Vegas. Never thought this was just one step closer to someone's very well planned death. Will Ren be stable enough to handle all of this or will she crack? © 2020 💦XÃÑĐŘÍĄ Starting date: May 12, 2020 Ending date: Ongoing***


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In The Da...
by AuthorXan