Fate and Fury
By BlackDancingShadows
  • Fantasy
  • army
  • blood
  • castle
  • family
  • fantasy
  • flying
  • friends
  • gruesome
  • kingdom
  • lust
  • magic
  • marriage
  • mystery
  • mythology
  • outcasts
  • overthrown
  • paranormal
  • prostitution
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • shame
  • shifters
  • slaves
  • torture
  • wings


Scars of an unknown past littered her body, carving into her back in great, clean slashes; deep nicks covered her fingers and knuckles; pale bands of scars encircled her wrists and ankles; but the worst of the blemishes weren't the cuts, burns, or chain marks- no, the worst were the two jagged scars that ran the length of her back, standing stark against her disfigured flesh. But, all she knew were three things: First, her mother, a female centaur named Selene, had found her naked at the base of a mountain, bloodied and broken beyond recognition. In fact, right before Selene had knelt beside her and felt for a pulse, the centaur had assumed her dead. Second, she was a wingless race of Avian creature- but, since her mutilated wings had never been found, and she was a strange mixture of creamy skin, dark hair, and crystalline eyes, no one had the slightest of clues what race she belonged to. And third, she had a price on her head. A price so old, so powerful, that fate will leave her no choice. Either, she fought for the throne... Or she died trying. 〰️〰️〰️ Started: N/A Completed: N/A Status: Upcoming

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Fate and...
by BlackDancingShadows