Torn Cloaks (Countr...
By CallMeCactipri
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"This place seemed awfully familiar. Everything did. Even the person walking right past Germany..." Germany never took time off of his schoolwork; homework was the thing he was the only thing he liked to do for some random reason. His friend America decides to push him out of the house one day, sending him overseas for a week. What Germany never told anyone is that he'd been having reoccurring dreams of walking through the same place each time, meeting the same person, too. And this place Germany was sent looked familiar.. even the person he walked by. "Is it.. is it really you?" -Mild language -1000+ words each chapter -Updates depending on my other story 'Gloved Hands' (Everything in this book is barely based off of history; if it is, then it is going to be inaccurate. Language, touchy subjects and fluff included.) (Cover by me)

A Small Explanation

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Torn Cloa...
by CallMeCactipri