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[Main plot/story is complete but there will still be chapters coming out whenever I fell like it :p] [Warnings: this book contains sensitive material such as sucide and anorexia but I try to make it as less triggering as possible if you don't like this subjects then don't read this book, it also contains mpreg agian if your uncomfortable with this subject then don't read this book and obviously this is a gay threesome book but I didn't write it in the title just incase any of you guys are closeted and dont want family members to find out agian if your not comfortable with any of these subjects then please leave and dont read this book] Quirk less au Izuku is 21 while Katsuki and shouto are 22 Izuku midoriya is a famous actor, katsuki bakugou is a famous model and shouto todoroki is the CEO of the world's second greatest company They have been dating for a few years they were happy nothing could stop them one day they wake up and shouto is gone... Read to find out more coz if I write it here then it will count as spoilers The ships in this book are: Shouto x bakugo x Izuku Momo x jiro Kaminari x kirishima Uraraka x lida [Cover photo by @connarfranta on instgram] [I haven't read any other book exactly like this so I am guessing it's original and if there is any other books like this that was made before mine, I'm sorry i guess? Idk I thought of this book myself and wrote it myself so I think it's safe to say it's original]

chapter one

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why us? t...
by Lanisreading