The Dream Team! One...
By BeepBoop-
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Hey! I saw a couple of these fanfictions for a specific group of people and I loved them but they were all discontinued with bad writing/wording. So I'm taking it upon myself to write some more seeing as they're so hard to find. Edit: I somehow need to say this as someone didn't seem to get it before. I am doing this with their MINECRAFT characters, in a video game. Not in real life. Austin has a girlfriend named Bri, I respect that. But this is fan fiction, if you don't like that then I suggest going to another book. Please and thank you. If you don't know who the Minecraft 'Dream Team' is then that would include: Pandafire11: Austin/Panda ItsRitchieW: Ritchie OmegagamingLP: Michael Its3amgaming/MarioMania: Mario Mario isn't in the dream team (I think) as of 2019 but I could be wrong. But he was apart of the OG squad so imma still include him! Youtube channels are linked at the bottom. They're amazing at what they do! Now that that's out of the way, let's get to reading! If you have a request then let me know and I just might do it! Panda: Ritchie: Michael: Mario:

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The Dream...
by BeepBoop-