School ReYOUnion
By KBMallion
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When she receives the invitation, Rebecca Adams doesn't know whether she actually wants to go to her school reunion. A lot has changed since she last set foot in that cringeworthy place. Her greasy skin has long since gone, her hair is far less frizzy these days, her crooked teeth are now nicely straightened, and her glasses have been replaced with contacts-yes, Rebecca has indeed changed. She is no longer the skinny and quiet little spectacled geek who always had her head deeply inside of a book; now, she is a successful and hardworking businesswoman. Quite a few of her former classmates have also gone on to become successful and hardworking, but none more so than Mitch Heston himself-now a very famous and in-demand actor-a criminally gorgeous, very famous and in-demand actor.... who is supposedly also attending their school reunion. As a teenager, Mitch was much the same as he is now-well known and insanely popular. Back then, Rebecca was just another one of the shy girls who Mitch Heston and his friends used to enjoy teasing and making immature fun of. Which is why Rebecca feels hesitant about going. Part of her wants to leave the memories of school well and truly behind her. While another part of her wants to show them all the woman that she so proudly has now become. Besides, it's probably just a wildly exaggerated rumour that Mitch Heston will even be there? Or maybe, a very well orchestrated publicity stunt? I mean really, why would the incredibly famous Mitch Heston, want to be at his school reunion? Seriously, the A list him, wouldn't really attend this thing? ...... would he? SCHOOL REYOUNION Published by K B Mallion Copyright © 2019 K B Mallion

Chapter One

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School Re...
by KBMallion